October 10th, 2023
Russian music producer and DJ from Orenburg, Minden, Aleksei Wolkow aka DJ Wolkow just finished his...
October 9th, 2023
Argentine music producer Pancho DJ just released his new track: "Galaxy". He has been very active as...
October 8th, 2023
Italian music producer Davide Rodia most known as Mr Dendo released new remixes on his old 2007's tr...


April 10th, 2020
ATTENZIONE!In 2015 we released this track under the name "Samhain" but unfortunately that name is already used by another artist. For that reason we are going to re-release it under the name "Sawin" instead which is actually the way you pronounce "Sa...
September 1st, 2019
With tremendous pleasure and excitement IDP is announcing the third volume in our "IDP Compilation" series with 14 brand new and never before released tracks and remixes.It's been 5 years in the making since vol. 2 (sorry about that) but now the fina...


March 12th, 2022
Started by: Intro
 Hello folks!The message from Gigi didn't go unnoticed by me and I had a lot to think about it. I...
March 1st, 2022
Started by: Wausti
This is the discussion topic belonging to: Magna Romagna - Advent EP. Magna Romagna - Advent EP...
March 1st, 2022
Started by: Würden
This is the discussion topic belonging to: IDP Compilation Vol. 3. IDP Compilation Vol. 3 With...
December 5th, 2021
Started by: Wausti
This is the discussion topic belonging to: Orizzonti Sonori - Suoni E Rumori. Orizzonti Sonori -...


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