May 10th, 2024
Matteo Dianti, DJ and music producer from Piemonte, Italy, and Alex Tedesco aka Alex Teddy, continue...
May 9th, 2024
April 2024.Alex Tedesco, Riccardo Rossi & Raffaele Petriccione, better known as Alex Teddy, DeeJ...
May 7th, 2024
The two Italian legends and genre pioneers, Luigino Celestino di Agostino and Luca Martire better kn...


February 16th, 2023
1) When and why did you start producing music?At the age of six, my mother took me to a music school, but my real passion for music arose regardless of this. Interest in creating music manifested itself in adolescence, and for me this time fell on th...
January 22nd, 2022
As many might have noticed, Il Capitano, Gigi D'Agostino is going through a bad period with an agressiv illness. He recently posted a photo on his socialmedias where he looks very weak and has to use a walker to get around. He following recieved mass...


January 11th, 2024
Started by: thiago2000
Hello, I am a fan and collector of Italodance, I would like to meet friendly people with whom I can...
December 14th, 2023
Started by: radiodj
Hello. I am from Lisbon and I entered in this forum to discover more and learn more about Italo...
December 14th, 2023
Started by: radiodj
New single from the Italian SPATIAL VOXAmazing new Single   
October 29th, 2023
Started by: Delta
Hi,Search function on this site is really the highest level of crap I've ever experienced so it is...


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