July 25th, 2013
The hungarian SunnyBoy is back once again with a new single containing a lot of remixes as usual! Yo...
July 24th, 2013
ARC Records Austria is coming back strong after their studio makeover bringing lots of new releases...
July 18th, 2013
DJ-V from Bolivia and Deni-J from Peru has together with the vocal of Italian Elix England done a ne...


January 6th, 2024
Q: When and why did you begin to produce music?FROGGY: The year was 1999, and I should be thankful to Vengaboys for making their last single with that title ... June 10, 1999 was a very important date for me, as it was the day I set foot in a disco...
April 13th, 2023
When and why did you begin to produce music?I've been producing music since I was about 14 years old.I remember that when I was a younger child (about 9 years old) I fall in love with an amazing music band of those years... I'm sure You remember "I'M...


March 20th, 2011
Started by: FinDancer
I'm surprised there aren't many topics like this here but I'll start because I would really like to...
March 20th, 2011
Started by: FinDancer
Can't find lyrics anywhere for this great song! If anyone knows, plz post
March 18th, 2011
Started by: Wausti
A new karika release is out! It's "Rock Your Body" the second single from the project Mapo Mester...
March 18th, 2011
Started by: Electrodancer
Hey, "Pushin Me" is my first own single. The Melodie at the finish is adapted from a Scooter Song...


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