January 26th, 2013
A lento project made by Giovanni Codraro aka DJ Gio and the rapper Slim David released on Mondello's...
January 24th, 2013
Finally, the date has ben set for a release of the single SEI GIA MIA. A track made by Torny & S...
January 24th, 2013
A song previously released on the Lento Contento Premium Edition, Slowbrothers are coming out with a...


June 28th, 2020
This year, like many others, many people had been looking forward to all the festivals the summer brings, but because of the Corona-virus all festivals has been cancelled and many has begun doing virtual events....David from Slow With Style then came...
April 10th, 2020
ATTENZIONE!In 2015 we released this track under the name "Samhain" but unfortunately that name is already used by another artist. For that reason we are going to re-release it under the name "Sawin" instead which is actually the way you pronounce "Sa...


September 2nd, 2011
Started by: @ngel
Hi guys! I'm searchin' for singers/remixers/producers for many and many...and maaany ItaloDance...
September 1st, 2011
Started by: Wausti
Italo Rumble Digital is coming with a compilation, containing 15 of their most popular tracks....
September 1st, 2011
Started by: djkapra
i like very much...!!! :mouth:
August 31st, 2011
Started by: R.A.G. DJ


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