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October, 2022

Hi guys, here is my latest work released in june this year, the first song of a project that saw the light after several months of research and work, the GIOSTAR project Smile

Produce a record today, in the present year 2022, making a magical time leap of 20 years, as if we were still in those magical 90s and 2000s, trying to create an authentic Italodance project and with all the original sound characteristics of italodance, eurodance , eurohouse and trance, but with an eye also towards the future of electronic music.

I do not know if anyone has already tried such a crazy experiment, and perhaps ended up on the sly, and I do not hide the fact that I have thought for a long time whether to carry it out, and if he could ever have seen the light and be, but after months and months of work at at the end I decided to try it anyway despite all the music scene of the last years.

We then enter the magical time machine that is music, traveling back years and years and returning there, in the heart of the dance music that we have loved and adored so much and with which an entire generation has grown up.

I immensely hope that this song will enter the hearts, dedicated to all lovers of 90s dance and in general to all lovers of good electronic music, a music that has given us so many special emotions and so much magic over the years.

I wish with all my heart to carry on this new GIOSTAR project with other new records, and I have been working on the GIOSTAR follow-up for a few months already, which should be out in a few months if everything goes well! ^ _ ^

From the bottom of my heart a special greeting to you all! ^ _ ^




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September, 2006

Hey Giostar welcome to IDP!

Your release is top nice! I love it. I'll make sure to follow you on social media and keep an eye out for upcoming releases.

I think your track would be super nice to remix too.

Who's the singer on your track, if I may ask? Smile


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