I'M BACK! Venom One ft. Jonathan Mendelson - Earthquake (Paul Sphere Remix)

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Paul Sp
July, 2022
I'M BACK! Venom One ft. Jonathan Mendelson - Earthquake (Paul Sphere Remix)

After taking a good time, I go back to producing music. In this temporary retreat I have listened to a lot of music, a lot of rhythms, a lot of sounds and a lot of advice. In the past I have made many mistakes when it comes to producing music, but in this return I have decided to take a small leap of maturity both as a person and in my music. Lastly, I have seen many new school producers make the same mistakes I have made in the past. If any of them want advice, they can ask for it, and I will gladly give them what little or much I know about music. I'm back with a lot of strength and a lot of desire to do Italo Dance! oh! Dj Paul HB is part of the past... new alias: PAUL SPHERE.

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Würden's picture
September, 2006

Wauv, I'm a fan! Shock

Amazing remix Paul. You really nailed it Love


If this is just a start of your comeback I can't wait for what comes next


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