Join 'NRJ Extravadance' and 'Plaze Techno Night Reunion' on Facebook - event coming up !

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February, 2009
Join 'NRJ Extravadance' and 'Plaze Techno Night Reunion' on Facebook - event coming up !

Mange har spurgt om vi ikke snart skal have nogle aftener med den sydlandske stemning, som vi kendte så godt fra Extravadance og Plaze Techno Night...
Muligheden kommer måske snart, så lad os i første omgang mindes de gode tider på denne side Smile

Del gerne til venner og bekendte !

Check ind på Facebook gruppen her:

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A lot of people have asked if we are not going to have some evenings with the crazy southern atmosphere, which we knew so well from Extravadance and Plaze Techno Night ...

The possibility may come soon, so let us first remember the good times on this page Smile

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September, 2006

Would be truly epic to bring back Extravadance and the Techno nights!

I just want to say that you have our full support from the IDP community Smile

We do have a lot of contacts with italo producers from more recent years, don't know how much you've followed the scene up until today?
Anyway if we can be of any help or perhaps do some sort of partnering let us know. We can't bring much in terms of finances but we sure will do our best to promote the events (given that the main focus is italodance music).

Having our radio station it could also be a possibility to air some of it live online.


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June, 2006

Facking epic!!! Laughing out loud ....full support! Laughing out loud