Paul Jockey

Paul Jockey

Paul Jockey started as a deejay in the age of 14, playing dance music.
A few years later, he began working in various clubs in the central of Italy. 

In fact in 1997, he released his first single "Believe In Me" with the project Double Dare on the italian label Movimento, a sub-label of BMG.

From that moment Paul continues to interact and to collaborate, with many other labels making new dance singles.

In 2000 he gets reconized as a great song writer, thanks to his first international single "Don't Let Me Down" with the project Mabel released on Dee And Gee Records in most of the world. 

After this he sees the chance to collaborate, with some of the greatest italian DJ's; Amerigo Provenzano, Paolo Bolognesi, Molella, MTJ, DJ Ross and others.

After two years working at the label Subside Records, Paul Jockey decides to make his dream a reality, making a group for independant artists called Amnesia Productions. 

Everyday Paul works 10 to 12 hours in the studio, looking for new sounds for new productions including the weekends.

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