Paolo Aliberti

Paolo Aliberti

Paolo Aliberti is an italian dj-producer and a good remixer with a deep musical background, who recenlty joined the Melodica team, as A&R for the elektro label Tambour. Paolo is also the head of the electronic project you probably know with the name of Pornocult and, with his mate Alex Elle, he recently published ‘100% Leather’ and released two important remixes: the Tiziano Ferro’ summer hit ‘Stop! Dimentica’ one and the latest Roger Sanchez’ anthem ‘Lost’. 

We really can say that he grew up among musical instruments, mixers, desks and headphones, because his dad has sold dj‘s and clubs’ equipments for several years. Then Paolo decided he wanted to be a dj and started to spin his records as resident dj for some local clubs (like Popsy and Top Sound) for more than 10 years. In those years he opened his own record shop, too and he was able to become the reference shop for many dj’s and producers. At the end of 90’s he got on to production and with the producer Roberto Cipro he released many singles, using different pseudonyms: Brothers in Music, Housematrix, Nightvibe, Tap Three feat. Sabrina Pope, Motion3 feat. Maria Nayler, with the contribution of the musician Enrico Sabena. In 2000 he released some tracks for Time Records, with Max Castrezzati and Paolo Sandrini, with the name of 4Friends feat. Shary.The year 2003 is the turning point: Paolo Aliberti and his mate Roberto Cipro, aware of their own ability, founded the 72Trax Productions (Brescia), the studio where they brought to life many successful projects: remixes (like the Village People’ hit ‘YMCA’ remix, for Melodica and Scorpio France) or the dance versions for the french anthems ‘Un monde parfait’ and ‘C’est le vacances’ of Ilona Mitrecey and they reached the top of the european dance charts..Today Paolo is the A&R for Tambour Label (Melodica Music group), he’s working on the expected follow up of ‘100% Leather’ and he’s just finished two important remixes: the Tiziano Ferro’ summer hit ‘Stop! Dimentica’ one and the latest Roger Sanchez anthem ‘Lost’.

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