Michele Casetti

Michele Casetti

Michele Casetti AKA dj Michel La Vie, piano player and composer since early age, begins is journey into electronica in 1994 as resident dj at ECU Club (Rimini) playing Hardcore and Industrial Terror playing aside names as Randy, Lancinhouse, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Dj Paul Elstack, Dj Promo, Dj Viper, Stunned Guys, Hellfish to quote some, this until 2000 when decides to 
become fulltime producer.
His first prouductions changes totally his musical ways into euro dance sounds and releases "Find 2 Fly" and "Music in my Soul" on Black Sun Records in that same year together with Gerolamo Sacco aka Magic Melody and then with Roberto Righi aka Stylus Robb.

In 2002 gathers a Trip Hop/Electronica band called "The Insane" putting together a 10 track album released lately in 2005. 
Then start being part of a team organizing big music festivals like Sun Explosion, Summer Celebration, Decadence in special occasions and at Link during "Water Cross Certified" nights on wednesday, working with names like: Prodigy, Goldie, Carl Craig, Andy Fletcher, Plastikman, The Berzerker, Infected Mushroom, Goa Gil to quote a few....

Starts collaborations with dance artists Stefano Adami (Danijay), Paolo Mantero, Francesco Fontes during 2004 producing and releasing many tunes printed on Media Records, Time, Soulseller etc... 
In that same year released by Melodica Records (property of Dj Aladino) his project "The Insane" changes into electro house releasing with Christian Camporesi aka Franz and Shape, "Rimini Shout" supposely sang by D. Gahan....

In 2006 the birth of a new project called "Tall & Small" with Dj Enzo Elia making notice themselves straight away with "Never Stop" on Revox and remixed by Dino Angioetti (Pasta Boys), follws the top seller "Get on da Move" togheter with Maurizio Nari (Nerio’s Dubwork) and Roberto Righi (Stylus Robb) with a project called "Psycosomatic" (Airplane Records).
With Roberto Righi and Davide Marani make an other top seller :"Step side to side" singhed by Jenny B.( singher of the storic hit 90’ "Corona - The rhythm of the night").

In 2006 the follow up of "Rimini Shout" still on Melodica, Insane releases "Honey Sex" remixed by Stylus Robb and Dj N.K. (big Italian drum’n bass producer, former member of Hallucinator).
Productions start seriously evolving when moving into Expanded Music’s Studios and still with Enzo Elia becoming "Elia Casetti Orchestra" spawning nowdays their fresh progressive house vibes....

For D.F.C. Records in the 2007 born "Boraz" with R.Phillips a.k.a. ’ASK’ the singer of ’Amsterdam Street Knowledge and M.Scaioli of "Percussion Voyager" playing the Moog.

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