Luca Zeta

Luca Zeta

Luca Zeta is one of the best Italian DJ’s but to define him simply therefore would be reductive as in the course of his shining career he has, at the same time, played the roles of television entertainer, record producer/composer and dance music artist. 

It started with a dispassionate love for the music that him from the most tender age and same it does not hide its debuts to six years in the singers competitions for children. 

But the true career begins many years ago from the wireless issuing small in order to continue through the conduction of one musical television program premises and to land finally to the console of the discotheques. 

As DJ, Luca has played in several discotheques (above all in the North Italy) alternating commercial dance and techno music (his favourite sound) always in one sage mix of music and charisma. 

After the affirmation in the DJ role, the encounter with the discography happens in the 1993, period in which it is assisted to blossom again of the cover in dance style, and Luca publishes a remix of "State Of The Nation", the historical hit of Industry, that it comes fired also in Spain. 

Subsequently, fascinated by the phenomenon progressive, publishes a second mix entitled "Orion" and spirit the nights with the new sound that depopulates among young people. 

Willing to mix music and social engagement, in 1996 Luca creates the project U.P.S. - United Progressive Selectors and, in the Christmas period of that same year, with the friend Mad Bob produces the mix "Christmas Dream ` 96" sung in chorus with more important techno-progressive DJ' s such as: Gigi D' Agostino, Mario Più, Ricky Le Roy, DJ Dado, Roland Brant and many others. 

All the proceeds of the sale of this record was devolved to association ARCHE' that takes care of the children with AIDS. 

In the 1997 Luca publishes "Atlantis", another single techno-progressive, but after hardly a year it returns to the commercial dance style with the mix "Goodbye Summertime", supported by the vocalist Althea, followed by, in 2000, "With You" with the featuring of the Swiss singer Katya. 

As already said, in this period of his career the performances of Luca in discotheque are made up of balancing to alternate themselves of sound dance and techno but it is above all in this last musical kind that acknowledges its personage of DJ. 

"The Angel of the Techno" is in fact the name with which they identify him. 

The record productions continue however to orient themselves towards the dance style and thanks to the collaboration with Charlie Aiello and Miky Giorgi of the Antiqua Studio. 

From this synergy, and with the contribution of the composer Andrea Lo Solfo, is born the single "I' ll Be Good To You" that put Luca Zeta to the center of the reflectors of dance scene and the song become one of the floor-fillers of autumn/winter 2002 entering itself in 7 compilations, one of them published by Universal for Austria, Germany and Switzerland. 

In the Scandinavian Charts, Luca reaches the third position behind Madonna and the Tatù while it is on the top for some weeks in the Hitsurf Danish Chart. 

In June 2003 the record is published in Spain by Vale Music, one of the most important Iberian labels, and subsequently it enters 2 compilations of the same label. 

As producer and arranger Luca also has edited the records of two young artists that is DJ Skorpio, interpreter of remix techno trance de "Il cielo" of Italian singer Renato Zero, and Adam with his cover dance of "We Belong", historical hit of Pat Benatar. 

On the wake of these productions, just before summer, the new single of DJ Skorpio arrives , cover of the song "Flames Of Love" by the German artist Fancy, very famous in the '80. 

Within the compilation set of the collection techno "Trance Generation 6" he has mixed one of its four sets and has produced two songs for the exclusive collection of music banghra "Hindu". 

Between the evenings in discotheque and the plan of conduction of a new program TV (naturally dedicated to young people), Luca Zeta lengthens the series of his record productions with the single "I' m Ready" that enlivens the dance-floors during summer 2003 and comes newly from the artistic partnership Zeta-Aiello-Giorgi-Lo Solfo. 

The song has been published straight away in Spain by Filmax Music. 

In the same period a single by Spagna (vs. Luca Zeta) is published "Do It With Style" which is remixed in key dance by this extraordinary DJ/producer. 

The live exhibitions, as DJ as dance artist, are multiplied and Luca cross the Alps for a series of performances in France. 

In November of the same year Luca Zeta publishes the single "Got To Believe", for many aspects close to the same style as "I' ll Be Good To You" but with a more limpid vocal stamp. 

Before the escape of the disc on the market, the song enters in the playlist of Discoradio and the national network M2O. 

Contextually it is classified as new entry directly to the eighth place of Danish Hitsurf Chart. 

In Italy, this song appears in the 36 hits contained in the compilation of Discoradio entitled "Discoparade Compilation Winter 2003", one of the more sold collections, while during the annual edition of the Midem of Cannes he signs a license agreement with Filmax Music for the publication in Spain. 

A year later, the song will be inserted in compilation "EQ Dance Club" from label EQ Music of Singapore. 

Strongly of the happened one by now consolidated, in the May 2004 Luca Zeta publishes "Hold Me Tonight", a summer hit that marks a further professional increase of the artist with the passage to the record label Melodica, one of the more promising labels of the Italian dance scenario. 

In 2004 he meets Viviana Presutti and Simone Pastore, former members of the duo Da Blitz (famous in all Europe for the hits dance published in the ' 90), and Luca Zeta becomes artistic director of the new label Sound Siege on which, in the autumn of the same year, go out the single “Revenge” (remixed and in part composed by Luca) that marks the return on the scene of Viviana and Simone with the name of D.B. Reloaded and the single "You And Me" of the duo Do.Ma. 

As producer/composer and in constant collaboration with Charlie Aiello and Miky Giorgi, Luca Zeta produces the single "You Can Save Me" of the young artist Rouge and at the same time it works on his new most waited for single, realized with the contribution of Andrea Lo Solfo, and newly published from label Melodica. 

The record, entitled "Star", exits to the end of November 2004 and it enters the programming of the main Italian dance radio stations like M2O, Discoradio and Doctor Dance. 

Apart from the main version, Luca Zeta is pushed beyond the borders of the dance more easily and conquers a wider public with a trance oriented track (the Trance Power Mix) and contundent version of bass in distorted evidence (Bass Future Mix), in line with a present style, which also is alternative and of international breath. 

In fact the request from the EQ Music for the insertion of the track in a new compilation published in Singapore is immediate and the song appears in Internet charts from all over the world, and surprisingly, even in China . 

"I was born under the sign of the Gemini - Luca confesses candidly - and therefore I was astrologically predestined to carry out an artistic activity. The fact that all this coincides with music makes me enormously happy and then I feel so good in the artist skin as I could not probably have done anything else." 

The relationship with fans does not scare him: "When I am playing my sets or I’m on the scene I have got an electrifying contact with my public perhaps because I feel like I am one of the boys who dance my music and because we share the love for the same sound".

And out of the scene? "Many times, many people said to me that I’m an angel therefore I hope that soon I will end up with a beautiful pair of wings".

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