Andy Shehu aka. Glaukor comes from Albania. He was born on September 15th in 1987. At first his interest for music was not his main priority, since the young age of 8 he started practicing Taekwon-do (Korean martial art). He was a martial artist for 8 years, with Black Belt second grade. While being a sportsman, he finds out about Italodance and Electronic music. The name "Glaukor" comes from the name of the first albanian king named "Glauk", his sister then added the "or" and he has been having the nickname ever since, and thought it was perfect for an artistic name as well.

Around the year 1999-2000, he listen to Eiffel 65 with their hit song "Blue" and the passion for electronic sounds began. Since then Glaukor's interest for Italodance music grew more and more. He always tried to "study" the songs, their structure, melodies and sounds, but having no music knowledge he never thought of making his own music one day.
For many years he was just a huge fan of Italodance.

In 2006 he moves to Rome, Italy studying at La Sapienza Unversity. In that period he got to know a CD program called Tencho E-Jay. It was a very simple music program with samples and loops. Glaukor started to use it for few a months, trying to understand how the producing process worked ...but it was not enough with that program.

At the end of 2007 he transfers to South Korea, for studying. During the first year in South Korea he gets a bit distanced from Italodance. Then in 2009, by chance, Glaukor finds out about the music producing software Fruity Loops. After getting the program he starts to practice with this DAW, making simple beats and understanding more about the producing, but this was only for "killing time", no serious plans.

In the beginning of 2010 Glaukor meets with italian producer Domenico Pepe aka. DJ Doddo and they start to share their passion for Italodance and Electronic music. This results in many remixes, worked mostly by Glaukor with the supporting ideas of DJ Doddo.The remixes helped them getting to know more dj/producing and getting more professional in producing. Glaukor also works on his first demo for a song called "Nostalgia" sung by DJ Doddo. Later they also meet DJ Raffy and form the ItaloProducerz project.

In October 2010, Glaukor writes the song "Lamutmire". Glaukor also tries out as a vocalist and sings the song in Albanian and Italian. "Lamtumire" dominates the first position of two European Italodance Charts making them known in the italo community. After that, Glaukor keeps writing and singing different songs such as "Happiness (S.O.S)", while doing unofficial remixes for fun on the sideline aswell.

Eventhough Glaukor has no music background, his passion for Italodance and Electronic music makes him being a complete songwriter and producer. He thinks imagination is the magic key of transforming emotions using electronic sounds and beats. For Glaukor mixing different genres or transforming other genre of music into electronic it the most fun thing to do. He loves the piano sound and use it a lot. Glaukor is working on personal projects also, in different genres of music and has future plans of spreading his electronic melodies all over the world....

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