Erika was discovered, and signed by Rossano Prini better known as DJ Ross, who produced the wellknown song "Carillion" by Magic Box, together with the producer Gian Luca Mensi.

The leadsinger of Magic BoxTristan, is Erika's brother. They both share the same passion for music, and when she was 16 years old she wrote one of her now wellknown song "Relations" with some help from Tristan. It was released in the begining of 2001, and became nr. 1 on all Italian radio charts. She was also guesting many TV-shows.

Some time later came the follow up "Save My Heart".

In February 2002 the single "Ditto" was presented on a TV-show, and few weeks later it became one of the most aired tracks at that moment.

Then in 2003 her 4th single "I Don't Know", was released. It was immediatly airplayed, and entering the charts. This hit spreads all over Europe, and Erika begins her european tour to clubs, and promoting appearances on TV-shows.

While that was happening, herself and the production team, were working on the follow up called "Right Or Wrong", which is the latest single from Erika.