DJ Bum Bum

DJ Bum Bum

He recieved his first vinyl-player in a young age, and played it for several hours. That magical instrument fascinated him a lot and gave him emotions no other "game" could give.
The passion for music he had since childhood, and in 1992 he began as dj, turning discs at the local nightclub on Sundays. He was only a young boy but he felt he was on the right path...

In 1995 he attended a amateur dj battle where he ended up at 1st place. Also in those years he began to go into the recording studios with his colleagues and DJ-friends, and has been very interested in that world since. He started doing started doing my little production record. At that time the music was very progressive, and producevo especially that type of music. 

In 2000, during a night in the disco he met the italian producer Roberto Turatti, who asked DJ Bum Bum to work with him, he accepted, and since then he was a member of the Defenitive Records family.

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