Since year 2000 Dominik Cydlik alias C.Y.T. has been a part of the ARC Records team. Apart from his function as ARC Creative & Foreign Affairs Director and A&R of the internal label he is mainly responsible for programming, arranging, composing, writing lyrics and vocal & remix coaching.

Meanwhile nearly all ARC projects (e.g. Deep.Spirit, Fantasy Project, Dancefire, Deejay AnadyEl-Tone, La Dance Inc., Nina S. and many more, are produced by C.Y.T. and his studio partner and ARC Managing Director Roland Binder, together with the artists of the projects.

Trained in the subjects Music and English, and at the instruments guitar & piano as well as solo singing, and besides working for ARC Records Dominik Cydlik is teaching Music & English, where he particularly engages himself in promoting young talents with numerous projects. Together with Roland Binder, he is also course leader at a media academy.

In 2003 Dominik Cydlik brought the solo project C.Y.T. to life, with which he dedicates particularly to his preference for Italodance. With his remix of Magic Box "If You" the break-through in Austria was done. The italian label Time/Spy Records became attentive on C.Y.T. and engaged him short hand as "Independent Time Records Remixer" for Austria.

With his Remix of Erika "I Don't Know", C.Y.T. broke through on international level. Apart from the Remix Vinyl release in Italy, it was released  on compilations in various countries such as Austria, Italy, USA, Hungary and Brazil. The remix hit numerous international charts and reached powerplay at many radios. Top DJs such as Gigi D'Agostino, Gabry Ponte, DJ Ross and Marco Ravelli took the remix on their playlists.

Short time later a C.Y.T. remix of Lovebox - "Please Don't Go" followed as exclusive track on the compilation Super Italia Best Of.

In 2004 C.Y.T. gave his debut as singer. Besides mix he also did the vocals for the track by La Dance Inc. "(I Got U) In My Mind" and the the hymn of the forum Gigi Fans United as G.F.U. feat. C.Y.T. "Vuoi Ballare". Thereupon he remixed DJ The Wave "Feel It In My Heart".

With his remix of DJ Lhasa "No Controles" C.Y.T. reached further top placements. With the C.Y.T. Piano Mix of Fantasy Project "Fall In Love", which was released as single in Austria and Italy, C.Y.T proved again that successful Italodance does not have to come from Italy.

C.Y.T. remixes of Vaganza "As I Fall Asleep”, Wem-J feat. Francy "La Rondine“, Dynamo feat. Lexandher "Elettricadanza" and Love Touch "By Your Side" followed.

In 2005 C.Y.T. co-operated with the top dance act from Singapore The Usual Suspect featuring the Pop Idol finalist Maia Lee, and remixed their song “China Girl”, released in Germany. Furthermore together with Deejay Nick, C.Y.T. remixed the Eurovision Song Contest winner song Ruslana “Wild Dances”. It was representing Austria on the Ruslana album “Club-In”.

Summer 2005 together with his partner Roland Binder, C.Y.T. brought the compilation Italo Smash Hits to life, which was released on GAS territory.

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