Claster DJ

Claster DJ

The guy behind Claster DJ is named Wilson Guagrilla Guaman, known artistically as DJ Claster or just Claster. He was born in Yaruqui, Ecuador in 1990.

He grew up listening to: disco and rock music but when the millennium came together with the electronic music, he started to listen trance and techno together with italodance, which he fell in love with because of its captivating sounds and melodies.

Year 2005/06 was the years when the style taken from the italian dance music called Lento Violento or Slow Style came to life - a slower version of italodance, and Claster fell in love with this aswell.

In 2012 after the main part of italodance producers has either stopped or switched styles, he decided to install a music-software on his PC and began creating melodies and following some music courses which helped him to get started on producing himself as Claster - which he got from the word "Cluster" just changing one letter.

A year after, in 2013 he signed a contract with the label "BassXpress Music" from Germany where he got his first official remix release on Mario Vee "Just Take Me Away" and has later done several remixes for them. Besides that he has made remixes for various artists such as SunnyBoy, Jérôme ThévenotDJ JPedroza and DJ Fole.
Later same year he released his first own production on the label Slow With Style. It was the slowstyle track "A Tiempo De Lento".

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