DJ Lhasa BACK in Scandinavia

DJ Lhasa BACK in Scandinavia

January 24th, 2017 / By: Würden

Once upon time, that's how most adventures start and on this occation it almost feels the same with this being an almost unreal evening - a wonderful comeback!

In the middle of the 00's a good healthy amount of italodance-artists visited Denmark attending NRJ Extravadance (radio show on Radio Energy) and Plaze Techno Night-parties (both started and run by Danish DJ Rimini-Peter). Since 2010 not many ItaloDance artists have played in Denmark and frankly speaking we did not expect any of the big Italian names to ever visit us again. Well, ItaloBrothers do play often in Denmark (the front-figure has even learned to speak Danish now), but you can hardly call them an italodance artist despite the name, it's all house/edm music now.

Last year Gigi D'Agostino did pay us a short visit for a 90s/00s revival-festival in May 2016, but before then we have to go all the way back to 2010 where Ivan Fillini came by. In 2009 Roberto Molinaro was in Denmark, Gabry Ponte in 2008 and last time DJ Lhasa was here was in 2007 - so 10 years later he was back in Denmark.

IDP's Danish crew had almost given up hope for more artists to come at official parties. In recent years we've mostly arranged them ourselves and thanks to our friend DJ Janik we did have oppotunity to host italodance themed parties in a local club from time to time. Last year, however, Rimini-Peter suddenly posted on our forums that he was planning a new reunion-party and shortly after he revealed the plans to invite DJ Lhasa to play in his old club in the southern part of Denmark. 10 years after DJ Lhasa's last visit.

The day came… we were five guys going together to the event, most of us met up at Copenhagen Central Station to get the train down south ...1½ hours away. We got on the train, and the warm up slowly began! IDP Manager Chris joined us on the train and we were of course listening to italo. Our friend Rune (DJ Impronta) apparently found out for the first time that Ma.Bra and DJ Lhasa is the same guy! wehuu about time you might say Laughing out loud

Anyway, after finishing all our drinks, we arrived to the final stop! and we went just across the street where The Plaze (the club) was located. We waited outside for the organizer of the event, Rimini-Peter, to come out and let us in. DJ Janik had done the poster(s) for the event, and was also one of the warm-up djs for the night so we got into the club around an hour before they officially opened, and got to sit up backstage behind the dj-stand, very VIP! Laughing out loud
The party was ready to begin! Awesome laser, lights and sound.

All through the night we were switching between dancing on the dancefloor and dancing on stage together with Lhasa and the other djs, and between that we were also filming the event (check the video below).

There was a lot of Danish DJs present and for warmup we had Rimini-Peter, MINIsteren, DJJANIK, DJ Vision and a few others. Rimini-Peter played a lot of italodance classic such as Molella, Danijay, Gabry Ponte, Prezioso & Marvin etc., DJ Janik played mostly Gigi D'Agostino.

During the DJ Lhasa set we had to take several breaks, cause his set was just like one of his fitness classes - FULL POWER! No build-ups, just straight to the drops - it was insane! DJ Lhasa's set was filled with both new and old from his Ma.Bra. studios with a full club dancing crazy to his music, well you'll best get the feeling in the video Wink


*Extravadance was almost what started the italo-mania in Denmark. A radio program on radio NRJ Energy one of the most popular FM radio stations in the 00s. Extravadance was a dance/techno music program playing all the latest italodance, techno and hard-trance. First with Rimini-Peter and MINIsteren, then Rimini-Peter and Jacob "The King" Lund. Later also DJ Janik joined before NRJ decided to shut down operations in Denmark.

*The Plaze, at the time the largest night club in Denmark, location in Nykøbing F. around 120 km from Copenhagen. Rimini-Peter opened the club after leaving the Extravadance program. The concept was to bring all the biggest artists from his radio program up to play live.


DJ Lhasa, photos by MAAG
DJ Lhasa
The Plaze night club
DJ Lhasa
DJ Lhasa
DJ Lhasa
We brought the Italian flag and put it up ;)
Great atmosphere!
Great atmosphere!
Loads of laser
Special guest DJs - IDP - Rune and McWaust
Full IDP crew
IDP VIP table, nice view!
IDP DJ Lhasa fan club + DJ Lhasa!
Max party!
Notice the speaker ;)

DJ Lhasa's real name is Maurizio Braccagni, he is one of the original italodance producers who started the Italian italodance wave all the way back in the late 90s.

Maurizio has had many big hits since he started his career in 1989 being part of so many groups and artist name variations that we don't have enough space to write them here.

Link to profile: DJ Lhasa