March 19th, 2017 / By: Wausti

It has been years since Disco Planet Records released any italodance tracks, and they haven't done yet, but! On March 24th they will release a remix edition of the track Come On Over by Simone Di Bella and that release includes a brand new DANCE ROCKER remix!

Let's hope it's not...

March 24th, 2017
February 16th, 2017 / By: Wausti

One of the biggest all-time italodance classics playing in the clubs, still to this day (at least in Denmark) is the austrian hit single "Lonely" from 2004 by Deep.Spirit originally started by the ARC Records team Dominik Cydlik (C.Y.T.), Roland Binder...

February 24th, 2017
February 15th, 2017 / By: Würden

Ricky Pinna aka. Ricky Style is ready with his first release on the new label Beverly Music Group owned by Luca Tatti and started last year. This is their 4th release.

The E.P. has 3 tracks in hard SlowStyle / Lento Violento "Distorto"-style so it's very bass heavy.


1. Play Man
2. Break Through Crates...

February 13th, 2017
February 15th, 2017 / By: Wausti

DJ Daxel or Alberto Dal Santo comes from Vincenza, Italy. He has previously released two albums and had various cooporations with names such as Paps'N'Skar, DJ Maxwell, Miani and the female vocal Diana J used often by ...

February 10th, 2017
February 15th, 2017 / By: Wausti

The label of Mondello has just released an album called Slowwildstyle vol. 1 - An album created by Roby.D aka Roberto Daghero and Dany.M aka Daniele Mondello himself.

It was released in various digital stores on february 3rd and cotains 12 tracks.

You can find out more and listen to samples on their FB-page:...

February 3rd, 2017
January 29th, 2017 / By: Würden

German label ItaloDance Records is increasingly picking up less experienced producers and giving them a chance to release their music through digital channels.

José Rambay from Equdor/Italy has been a hobby producer through several years but has surprisingly few actual releases but maybe that's going to change now.

The new...

February 1st, 2017
January 29th, 2017 / By: Würden

On the relative new label Beverly Music run by Luca Tatti and Andrea Carboni, with the artist name Carbo Bass, comes another new SlowStyle release. The main focus of the label is SlowStyle music and they have some experienced SlowStyle producers in-house.

The new release "Magic World EP" by the artist with the very well suited name...

February 13th, 2017
January 25th, 2017 / By: Wausti

From Style Records comes yet another release this month - seems it's starting out well for 2017! 

This new release is by one of their "new" artists called Loco Beat, and even though I've tried to torture the name out of Style Records, of who is behind this project, I didn't succeed. He prefers to...

January 31st, 2017
January 20th, 2017 / By: Wausti

DJ Matrix aka Matteo Schiavo invites you to join for another ride into the music carousel, as he and his partner Matt Joe are back with a brand new volume of the album "Musica Da Giostra".
DJ Matrix is a big fan of the Dance-music, and has joined up with some of the most popular italian dance artists of the time. Among them is Jack...

January 20th, 2017
January 19th, 2017 / By: Wausti

Four days ago a new single was released by the italian label Style Records. An italian lovesong produced by DJ Hunter aka Francesco Cuccaro and with the voice of Style Records owner himself DJ Doddo aka Domenico Pepe.
For now there is only an Original Mix, maybe we can hope for a remix edition? time will tell...

It has been...

January 15th, 2017