November 11th, 2018
Italian producer DJ Nico Vlp is back with a brand new album including 16 new productions ranging fro...
November 11th, 2018
Carbo Bass is back with a new SlowStyle production on his label "Kendra Records". Behind Carbo Bass...
November 11th, 2018
Bassdruck from Austria is quite active as a lento producer and puts out a new single on his own labe...


April 7th, 2017
Around one month after the first The Plaze Techno Night / Extravadance Reunion with DJ Lhasa (See article about this event here), it was announced that a Part 2 would be held on the 1st of April 2017 this time with another italo-legend, Danijay!... T...
January 24th, 2017
Once upon time, that's how most adventures start and on this occation it almost feels the same with this being an almost unreal evening - a wonderful comeback!In the middle of the 00's a good healthy amount of italodance-artists visited Denmark atten...


July 15th, 2006
Started by: Seb
We would be glad to host your productions. Contact me by PM and I'll give you account info for our...
July 13th, 2006
Started by: Wausti
What Is Your Favorite Tracks Of All Times?
July 11th, 2006
Started by: News!
[/br][/br]Now the newest interview is posted! If you wanna know more about Marco Marzi, Start*...
July 11th, 2006
Started by: Wausti
Real name? MARCO MARZI Age? 28 When and why did you begin to produce music? I started to produce...


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