September 9th, 2016
The unstopable brazilian producer Jonathas Pedroza aka DJ JPedroza is throwing out new remixes and t...
September 5th, 2016
The tireless Federico Romanzi is apparently working non-stop on new releases and has another new set...
September 4th, 2016
German entry-level italo label ItaloDance Records is summing up some of their recent releases on a n...


July 6th, 2006
When and why did you begin to produce music?In 1995 I started to like dance music, especially megamixes and the way of they manipulate songs.But was on 1999 with "Eiffel 65 - Blue" when I understand that dance songs have verse, melody.. well designed...
July 1st, 2006
When and why did you begin to produce music?At 17 I understood that will be my wayWhat music styles are you listening to other than what you produce?I listen all kind of music and I produce dance musicWho is/are you favorite artist(s)?Depeche ModeWha...


July 29th, 2013
Started by: C.Y.T.
COMING SOONVA “Fruity Dance Hits Vol. 1”ARC-RECORDS proudly presents its first in-house compilation...
July 27th, 2013
Started by: Marcelodj23
July 20th, 2013
Started by: Killershadow
Ciao amici, Io sono dalla Spagna, vi mando i saluti da qui... vorrei aiutare me! per favore potete...
July 16th, 2013
Started by: Wausti
A new remix contest by Italo Rumble has been activated!Find out how to partecipate by clicking this...


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